Align Technology Invisalign – A Significant Orthodontic Option

Align Technology Invisalign came to inception in the year 1999 and since then is fast becoming favorites of individuals as well as orthodontics. Undoubtedly, the Invisalign has pioneered its presence in the world of cosmetic dentistry as a clear leader. Talking technically, Invisalign is a pertinent amalgamation of 3-dimensional sculpting software and customized manufacturing techniques that produce the resultant of clear and removable aligners. The Align Technology Invisalign is a great dental application that is applied for straightening crooked and uneven teeth. This is an inventive and comprehensive orthodontic treatment that is most suitable for teeth requiring corrective measures.

The Align Technology Invisalign is being loved for galore of conveniences and solutions that it offers to patients. People are rediscovering their lost smiles and dental aesthetic beauty that they have wanting since ever. Although the option of traditional metallic braces is prevalent since a long time, it is often considered very inconvenient option for straightening teeth. Align Technology Invisalign is making its presence and relevance felt round the world in dental world. It is a ground breaking technology that gives to patients clear and invisible teeth aligners for leveling their teeth. These aligners can be conveniently removed also at the time of eating food thus keeping them clean and hygienically fit always.

After intensive consultation with an expert orthodontist, a series of medically-approved mold is used for crafting customized aligners that gradually pushes back teeth in stages. The time-span required by every patient may be different for each one, but on the whole one year may be needed if set of 24 clear aligners are being applied. This remarkable technology can handle various levels of cases that may vary from menial ones to complex ones.

The various treatment options offered under Align Technology Invisalign includes -

Invisalign (Full) – This treatment is recommended for simple or complex misalignment of teeth.

Invisalign (Teen) – This branch of Invisalign is best applied for the treatment of youngsters and teenagers who have uneven teeth. It is specifically designed keeping in mind their age and impending growth. This teen-oriented treatment keeps enough scope of natural eruption of permanent teeth.

Invisalign (Assist) – This Invisalign treatment is considered appropriate for those cases that require comparatively simplistic approach.

Invisalign (Express) – This treatment calls for application of maximum 10 sets of teeth aligners. This is a comparatively cheaper and reasonably priced solution that renders solution to those patients requiring minor crowding or spacing of teeth. Stating simply, Invisalign Express is most suitable option for cosmetic or restorative treatment.

The technology of Align Invisalign has many credible claims to talk about its progression right since its inception. Within very short time of its launch, this dental technology gained quick popularity amongst patients and dentists too. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that Invisalign has developed itself progressively into the mainstream orthodontic treatment. This contemporary dental treatment offers great respite to patients from conventional and irksome metallic braces. World has pleasantly waken up to this option of dental treatment for making their smiles, and themselves, beautiful.