The Advantages of Inman Aligner in Comparison to Dental Braces

Most of us might be familiar with that technology that is still being used by the majority of the dentists to correct the alignment of the teeth – the dental braces. Dental braces indeed are advantageous, but don’t you feel that the disadvantages of the same are outweighing the advantages, especially in this technologically progressive world? Allow me to introduce you to a revolutionary concept – the Inman Aligner. This instrument is widely employed by some of the dentists who wish the very best for their patients. The device does the job effectively, as will be seen in the following passages.

Some of the advantages of Inman Aligner include:

a) The time duration required for straightening misaligned teeth is drastically low. Instead of spending many months donning those braces, with the aid of the Inman Aligner, one will be able to realize properly structured teeth within weeks.

b) Added convenience: you might have experienced the same with metal braces. They are simple tough for the casual modern lifestyle – in fact, you will have to resort to the aid of some dark corner to remove the braces, clean them at regular intervals and don them once again. The entire process seems like an ordeal – with the help of the Inman Aligner, one will be able to bid goodbye to all those paradigms.

When a technology is newly introduced, one might find that no one is interested in experimenting with it. For example, no one will willingly present himself or herself to a dentist so that the dentist can “try out” the latest technology in town! If you are thinking about those lines, here is a news flash for you – eight years has passed since this technology was invented. Many hundreds are trying out the Inman Aligner with 100% success rates – do the math and the truth will dawn upon oneself.

The mechanism that is employed on the Inman Aligner plays an integral role in shaping the success of the product. For example, in the case of conventional braces, there will be a marked reduction in the tension provided to the teeth. The tension forces acts in unison on the teeth and hence misaligned teeth gets to be perfect. Loss in the tension incorporated on the mechanism will lead to higher recovery time. On the Inman Aligner, one will find springs that are manufactured using nickel-titanium alloy. The tension imparted on the teeth will be consistent.

One has to realize that with the help of Inman Aligner technology, one will be able to correct the frontal teeth only. For correcting the misalignment that is found on the hinder teeth, the same cannot be employed. Many people who have successfully tested the Inman Aligner have held the opinion that they experienced the least of discomforts when they were using the device. The only disadvantage that can be found with the device is the following – the speech is going to be blurred for at least two to three weeks.